Car AC Repair

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Car AC Repair

Car AC Repair | CK Auto Repair - Martinez, CA

CK Auto Repair provides quality, reputable car AC repair services to motorists in the Martinez, CA area. Many shops claim to provide excellent services, but be wary of all claims. You need to actually look for industry certification, local business licensing, and other legalities before trusting anyone with your vehicle. You are trusting a legal, certified, and trust source for car AC repair when dealing with us.

Do you hop into your car, start the engine, and turn on the air conditioning only to have nothing happen? No air is blowing out of the vents, no clicking occurs. Do you notice a strange smell? You need some type of car AC repair done.

Does warm instead of cool air blow out of the vents? You may need an auto AC repair job, known as a radiator flush, that simply replenishes your coolant.

Radiator flushes and refills are examples of preventative maintenance tasks that need to be done to keep your air conditioning unit operating at optimum levels. When your coolant becomes ineffective, or old, it does not cool your vehicle’s interior air sufficiently. A radiator flush is a car AC repair job that involves emptying your radiator of existing coolant and refilling it with new coolant.

Keeping your air conditioning system operating at recommended manufacturer levels assures you and your passengers breathe clean air. There is nothing more annoying than turning on your air conditioner and having it emit unpleasant odors that result in headaches, vision impairments, or muscle cramps. Bringing your domestic or foreign vehicle to a reputable auto AC repair shop as soon as any unusual smell is noticed is crucial for everyone's health.

Turn to CK Auto Repair for competent, professional car AC repair services in the Martinez, CA area.

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